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Cautions of the handbrake using

Posted on by Amos

Based on the brake drum brake design concept: the car is economical, due to cost constraints, many models are the type of brake front disc and drum, this kind of car brake drum brake is based on the realization, pull hand brake by wire control braking rear wheel brake shoe. Disc brake brake wheel is based on: for the disc brake model, brake calipers brake control cable directly to. Disc brake drum brake: the hand brake is arranged on the rear brake drum center position, brake cable control shoe, independent of the disc brake control.

Independent brake calipers (niche models): this kind of brake system in the super run body, because some models are used in many famous production of piston high performance brake system, not with the hand brake systems, so it will be dedicated to the design of a small independent brake caliper. Of course, this kind of brake visible rate is very low. The mechanical brake for the most common, the first thing to note not every parking are hard to pull up, especially careful not to pull over, because the metal over stretching or keep stretching long time will speed up the deformation, resulting in accelerated handbrake brake cable recession. The correct way is to pull the handbrake, until the locking the rear wheel to lift the 1-2 lattice, which can not slide car.

If the parking ramp, does not recommend the pure car is fixed by a brake, because doing so would make the handbrake under braking force is too large, to speed up the hand brake wear. The correct way is in the car after the first brake fixed, then find some reliable bricks or other object pad under the tire to the wheel, fixation, release the handbrake to stress transfer to the four wheels, again to pull the handbrake, let the wheels and brake force together. If not assured, the gear lever hang into the 1 gear or reverse gear, so that can do multiple insurance.

In the season of ice and snow weather, try not to use the handbrake. We often encounter in the driving snow, fender inner will deposit a lot of snow, the snow will cover the parking brake cable, to be frozen, when you start again probably because the handbrake cannot release and can not travel. In addition, in the winter after washing the car should also pay attention to this problem, if not the parking brake cable on the water clean in time of words, don't pull the handbrake in parking, with gear or brick pad wheels instead of the hand brake parking.

So if you want to do more on cars, you can find some car tools as UCANDAS VDM and Creader VIII to get started.

A foot operated parking system is the "brake", just a foot pedal to control, often appear in the high-end models, retains a large amount of models have the Camry, lacrosse, Mercedes Benz models. Some use the handbrake to note is the above said don't always do it on foot, because power is great, so it is easy to be "brake" on the very deep, so for a lifetime is very unfavorable, even with their feet, to control a dynamics.

Cautions of the handbrake using

Cautions of the handbrake using