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“ABRITES VAG Commander”Available functions

Posted on by Amos

I. Broadcast requests

Broadcast requests are these requests which are sent to all or a group of devices simultaneously.

The “ABRITES VAG Commander” is able to send broadcast requests to all devices with request to enter into a desired transport mode, to clear all DTCs in all devices, to disable/enable the communication of all devices. This is done by pressing the corresponding button from the “CAN Broadcast” panel.

Available functions are:

[Transport Mode]

Entering into or leaving the vehicle from Transport Mode that is used by the factory to put the cars into a “sleep” to conserve battery charge during long periods of inactivity.

[Disable Normal Communication]

This function will disable all communication between units in the car. This can help you to hold current state of the car and to prevent disturbing of communication while re-flashing.

[Enable Normal Communication]

Restore normal message transmission.

[Clear All DTC’s]

Sending requests to all units in vehicle to erase its DTCs,

II. Standard diagnostic requests

When double-clicking on the desired device in the main “ABRITES VAG Commander” window, you connect to the device to proceed standard diagnostic requests. The following dialog is opened:

Find more car diagnostic tool and other tools like autocom cdp from the Vtoolshop.

“ABRITES VAG Commander”Available functions

“ABRITES VAG Commander”Available functions

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