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Actia multi diag access diagnostic solution

Posted on by Amos

Actia multi diag access diagnostic solution

The actia multi -diag diagnostic solution comes partially very close to OEM diagnostic solutions .It’s high quality level, very strong depths of data & easy handling gives strong benefits to it’s user.

Die Multi Diag access Software-solution works completely in english language. All diagnostic areas are created very clearly and allow use without need of previous knowledge. ACTIA is partner of several car manufacturers and has developed this diagnostic system partially in OEM teamwork. Through this the ACTIA Multidiag Mobile kit offers several functionalities which are ahead of many competitors.

The following workshops should work with the actia multi diag access:

· independent automotive workshops & garages

· workshops who like an user friendly & easy handling with a very high depth of data

· workshops & engineers who like to diagnose older car models as well as actual ones

· workshops & engineers who like to buy a high quality product with good service

Hightlights actia multi diag access diagnostic solution**

· good allround diagnostic solution for Volkswagen, Opel, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, & many more Citroen and many more

· State of the art diagnostic scantool for french brands Peugeot, Renault & Citroen

· Ideal for authorised workshops, who like to expand their service for external brands also

· Workshops who are focused on service for french car brands Peugeot, Renault, Citroen

· For BMW diagnostic bmw scanner 1.4 purposes, ACTIA offers an optional software bundle to get an acces code to the technical database of BMW in Munich database.

· Real value data (also graphical)

· Service reset

· Injection of Diesel & Otto engines

· programming

· ECU Flasher parameters

· Actuator tests

· Basic adjustment of rainsensor

· Calibration of ESP steer angle sensor

· Calibration of Diesel injectors

· Configuration of electronic tube valves

· configuration of wheel size

· (ABS/ESP) bleeding of brake system

· lock & delock of airbag-ECU’s

· refitting of car-alarm-system, pre-heating or HiFi system

· refitting of trailer coupling

· key-programming etc.

· Diagnosis of Diesel particle filters

· Tyre pressure control system – diagnosis & reprogramming of valves , adjustment related to rim sizes

· Diagnosis of electronic suspension

· State of the art diagnostic scantool for french brands Peugeot, Renault & Citroen

· Das MultiDIAG Kommunikations- Interface is als available as wireless Bluetooth system

** Individual and specific diagnostics features are always depending on the individual model-type, the manufacturing date and the vehicle configuration.