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Always ensure that your braking system is in good condition

Posted on by Amos

Always ensure that your braking system is in good condition

We recommend that drivers should check the brake fluid every month,pay attention to whether the brake fluid level decreased significantly, the quality is poor, and if it should be added or replaced.Another long-distance driving or off-road,stones or other obstacles may injury cause leakage of brake fluid pipeline, it should also be timely check the brake fluid in every time after long-distance travel, especially to observe whether the omission of the chassis brake fluid phenomenon.

Brake fluid has a very strong absorption, if there is water in the brake fluid in the heat generated by friction during braking causes the water vapor, the gas is compressed in the brake fluid, which will result in less effective braking even failure .In the season of the rainy season, the air humidity is big, some brake fluid absorbent is serious, after wading and other driving environment, also need to check, if the brake fluid has obvious deterioration phenomena, must be replaced as soon as possible.

Brake friction pad and the brake disc wear to a certain extent also need to be replaced, in order to ensure the braking efficiency is not affected. Due to the wear of the brake system is affected by many factors, so in general, in city conditions, the life of the brake disc is about 50000 kilometers, the brake friction plate in the life span of 30000 km, but this was not the absolute, if the driving environment is more complex, the replacement frequency should be shortened or a word, in short: develop a regular check, timely maintenance habits is the most important.

Check the brake pads at the same time, also check the brake disc or drum wear conditions, such as contact surface dent should be promptly repaired or replaced to ensure that the brake pads have enough contact area.Have a good braking system,whether that means no danger of anything going wrong?

With the new practice topic, we introduced the braking system maintenance of common sense, and to popularize the knowledge of another driving: even if your car has a braking system and powerful, efficient, it cannot overcome the laws of physics, the movement of vehicles even if fully applied, from slowdown to completely stop also need to glide a distance.We hope everyone knows that such a truth: even the car's braking system perfect, but the driver still have to take responsibility, otherwise break the yellow light, red light or rear-end accidents are still difficult to avoid.

So, please remember the following two suggestions: First, always ensure that your braking system is in good condition, the key moment is not ball dropped. Whether you're plagued by yellow mutation, a set of braking systems is in good condition to ensure the safety of your important weight.

Second, do not be too confident, no matter how expensive car, it completely stopped the desired distance is much longer than you think. Whether it is in order to avoid accidents, or to avoid being punished, the predictability of the deceleration, judge the road is the driver through the intersection before must do. Since we are temporarily unable to change to the yellow light feel alarmed situation,then hit the road before, or let yourself cautious now.

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