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CHRYSLER 42RE, 44RE, 46RE, 47RE - New Design Governor Pressure Sensor And Transmission Control Relay Added

Posted on by Amos

Change No. 1 - Beginning at the start of production for 1996 models, all Chrysler 42RE, 44RE, 46RE and 47RE transmissions were built with a new design Governor Pressure Sensor that now incorporates the Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor inside the Governor Pressure Sensor assembly. The previous design has the TFT pop-riveted to the solenoid assembly.

Change No. 2 - Beginning at the start of production for 1996 models, all Chrysler vehicles equipped with a 42RE, 44RE, 46RE or 47RE transmission were built with a Powertrain Control Module (PCM), instead of the previous Transmission Control Module (TCM). Chrysler has installed a new "Transmission Control Relay" on these models that now controls the voltage to pin number one at the transmission, via a ground signal from the PCM. for locations and wire colors on the various models, and for a complete wiring schematic including the Transmission Control Relay.

Change No. 1 - Increased Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor accuracy for improved reliability and durability.
Change No. 2 - Increased reliability and durability by relieving the added solenoids amperage from the circuit and improves "Limp Mode" control when fault codes are stored in the PCM.

(1)GOVERNOR PRESSURE SENSOR - Now incorporates the Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor which requires four terminals on the sensor instead of the previous three.
(2)INTERNAL WIRING HARNESS - Eliminates the previous TFT from the solenoid assembly and requires a new connector with four wires to accommodate the new design Governor Pressure Sensor.
(3)TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE - Eliminated, and transmission functions are now handled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).
(4)TRANSMISSION CONTROL RELAY - Added to control the voltage to pin number one at the transmission and controled with a ground signal from the PCM.

None of the parts listed above will interchange with any previous model vehicles.

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