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The function of the car air purifier is limited

Posted on by Amos

The function of the car air purifier is limited

The air inside the car containing carcinogenic toxic substances, causing people to big torture on car air quality problems. For a time, known as the "sterilization, in addition to the aldehyde, vacuum cleaners, to taste" the full range of car air purifier car air purification has become a market darling. Car air purifier sells crazy, really like their propaganda said so well?

Currently on the market of car air purifier, in principle, there are two main points. One is the adsorption to purify the effect through the screen, another kind is the toxin chemical decomposition by negative oxygen ion. In general, the negative ion of harmful gases such as formaldehyde decomposition effect.

With the initial concentration of the air inside the car, the car air purifier of a new filter produced by adsorption in the new car first. The purifier structure is not complicated, we open the upper cover, the filter inside a plays the main role came to light, the whole machine has many holes. The statement said, turn on the switch to wind speed in the high-grade, 15 minutes can effectively reduce vehicle endotoxin, we according to the instructions. It is understood, this car air purifier is to use the air blower, the filter to purify the air, the filters need to be replaced regularly.

In order to make the results more realistic, we still close all the windows, but also open air conditioning, and the interior temperature up to 26 degrees Celsius, the wind speed to a minimum, and choose the internal circulation. The car, the sun more intense, steaming and baking, such a state, should be the most like formaldehyde and other car endotoxin ran out for a ride, and this is our usual real driving on the highway when the same environment.

Car air purifier work 15 minutes later, we were again on the car air sampling, two instruments are still working for 20 minutes of air collected at the same time, car air purifier to continue to work, rapid detection of formaldehyde concentration dropped to 0.07 shows. The decline is limited.It is understood, the majority of car air purifier that can quickly remove the car endotoxin, some so-called needs five or six minutes only, therefore, we choose the work for 15 minutes, 35 minutes of two time comparison test.

The sun is more and more fierce, second car air purifier experiment began. This machine uses negative ion of the working principle of the magic light ball, efficiency than the traditional filter is more effective?We are still on the car were the initial sampling air concentration closed half an hour. New packaging to open the car air purifier, anion car air purifier is negative ion by itself for purifying the air, its differences from the traditional air purifier, is a negative ion as a factor, let it take the initiative to capture harmful substances in the air. The staff said, the negative ion content sites, suburban forest field, beach, lake, generally high, people in this environment, often feel the mind fresh, comfortable and refreshing breath. But the problem is, we don't have such a feeling in the air purifier. In addition, the general negative ion generator usually sporadic small amount of ozone, but ozone has a special flavor, but these we are not experienced in the car.

In order to compare with adsorption car air purifier, we still let the air purifier 15 minutes, 35 minutes, and then the air inside the vehicle were sampling, found that the effect is not obvious.

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