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Automobile engine flameout, need to check the carbon problem

Posted on by Amos

Automobile engine flameout, need to check the carbon problem

With the use of cars, coke will be piled up, and the engine also with the use of cars and aging, the aging of the engine, but also will be more likely to form coke, coke problems will be caused by more frequent increasingly evident.There are two main reasons for the formation of coke

First, the fuel itself, since the fuel in the storage and the transport process, in which the gum may be heated oxidized. Gum is a very viscous fluid or semi-solid jelly, the gum can be dissolved in the fuel itself, but in the colloid heat oxidation, can be transformed into asphaltenes,thereby generating fuel oil insoluble gum.

Asphaltene in the above 300 ℃, breaks down into substances of coke and gas, so the asphaltenes in soluble pectin into the combustion chamber and gasoline combustion, will form a lot of hard carbon deposition on the intake valve, piston, piston ring groove, a combustion chamber, the spark plugs and other parts.Not soluble oil gum also known as sediment, it joined the car fuel tank and fuel, will adhere to the fuel filter, blocking filter media.

Second, the engine itself, since the fuel in the engine may be an incomplete combustion engine, the fuel or oil can not flee hundred percent combustion chamber combustion, unburned part of the fuel and oxygen at high temperature, the catalyst hydrochloric acid and the formation of resinous gum, adhered to the surface of the part, and then further concentrated to a high temperature after the asphaltenes and oil coke quality and other complex mixtures, called coke.

And the engine each stop functioning, the combustion chamber temperature decreased sharply, residual fuel injector orifice droplet cannot completely evaporate, will produce the adsorption of the air entering the cylinder in the miscellaneous grains, resulting in the formation of carbon deposit on the orifice.The engine will also appear gas channeling phenomenon, namely the combustion pressure mixed gas chamber in the gap between the channeling through the piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase.

Channeling gas into the crankcase as a result of the lubricating oil corrosion so bad, all kinds of impurities in carrying on the other hand, the gas in the lubricating oil has accumulated to form the "sludge", "oil" will deposit, attached to the lubricating oil, oil pump screen, the formation of oil flow obstruction; deposition in the piston ring grooves the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, under the action of high temperature.There are a relatively large number of vehicles on the dusty roads, the throttle may also be attached inside a lot of dust, if not pay attention to timely cleanup, excessive dust build-up, will form the so-called carbon, causing blockage.

A relatively simple method is to remove coke fuel system using a large brand coke remover, simple to use, and the effect is obvious.

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